Horny Bunny

By: Horney Bunney

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Youth 2010 - May 2010

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Perhentian 2010

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Where: Perhentian Kecil
When : Early this year
Who : Cheeps, Zul, Syed, Ihsan, Mohaizad, Norra, Adila, Hafiz, Haidi, Zami

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Who : Da and Cheeps
When : 4th April 2010
Where : Air Terjun Sg. Chilling

In my most basic temperament, the sights and sounds of our natural forest and things in between should be avoided at all cost. It might be all kind of pretentious but the urbanized version of me just can’t stand being surrounded by trees and rocks. Even the serenity of beautiful beaches might bore me after an hour.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, the motivation behind the trip to Sg. Chilling waterfall was all under false pretenses. But, whatever reason that can trick me into leaving the laziness in the comfort of my apartment should be welcome, but only with the right company. And nothing seems to be more desirable at that time.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. Because, there’s just no way for me to tolerate the half hour of climbing aimlessly with my bad sense of direction and crossing the river with all those slippery rocks sucks. Even ‘Crocs’ couldn’t save me from injuring myself.

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TM Amazing Race - Monsoon Challenge

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Where : Kuala Terengganu to Tasik Kenyir
When : 11th - 13th December 2009
Who: Me, Azrin, Zami, Haidi and 33 other teams

Fikree's hiding in Melaka, Ina's still fat and Piah kept attending weddings to find her soulmate. Basically, no chance to reunite our old treasure hunting team. However, managed to convince Azrin, Zami and Haidi to join TM Amazing Race for the first time. Missed the race in KL and PD and there's nothing going to stop us from winning this time.

Well, at least that was my initial thought. Not realizing that no matter where I go or the gadgets that I bring, the result will be the same, I'll still get lost.

Just a simple mistake on the second task lead us from the top 3 team to the bottom 10. Managed to claw our way back a little but there weren't much to do when we still care about the condition of Haidi's car. So, we got the 17th place, right in the middle, which was really frustrating. Will be joining 2010's race.

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Zoo Negara - Depression

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Date : 8th December 2009
Where : Zoo Negara
Why : kurang kasih sayang
Photographer : Cheeps
Camera : Nikon D40

Following Dira's advise to do anything that came to mind paired with the previous disaster of photographing models, decided to visit the Zoo. It's actually the first time I ever went to any type of zoo and was a bit excited over showing some love to the animal kingdom.

15 minutes there, the whole mood changed. Zoo Negara just might be THE MOST DEPRESSING place in the world.

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